The variety of auto accessories available for today’s new and used cars is immense. From the interior to the exterior, the only limiting factor on how consumers can accessorize their vehicles is their imagination. Everything from style, safety, to performance, connectivity, comfort and anything that you can envisage can be enhanced with accessories.

To an auto dealer, accessories can offer a wide range of benefits—beyond simply revenue. According to auto accessories experts, 4 in 10 buyers are influenced to purchase new and used cars from particular car dealerships simply because accessories were available at the time of purchase.

But is stocking accessories all that you need to grab the slice of the accessories profits pie? Actually, it is not! You need to strategies to thoroughly market them and sell them too.

Make Accessories Sales Part of Your Car Dealership Culture

Have a process in place to show your sales department the best practices when it comes to auto accessories sales—when and how to present auto parts and service that you offer to the customers.

Correct timing

The best time to sell accessories in your dealership is after the customer has committed to making a purchase but is still waiting for clearance from the Finance and insurance department. At this stage, the customer is already excited about the new car and it is the best time to fold in the accessories purchases into the price of the car.

Play with your pricing

Many customers get worried about the price, so endeavor to come up with strategies that can ease their minds. For instance, you can vary duration, purchase price, and monthly payments so that they have the liberty to choose a payment plan that won’t appear to be a big bite out of their budgets.

Right presentation

Just like timing, presentation is very crucial when it comes to selling auto accessories. Don’t just give your customers list of available accessories that you stock and ask them what they may be interested in: strive to show them how the accessories will look in their vehicle. You can also show them an accessorized vehicle that you have in your dealership. Either way will be effective—it all depends on your car dealership style and your customers.

Bottom Line

Irrespective of the type of your car dealership—new cars, used cars, or auto parts and service—there are days when you are going to experience a drop in sales. These are the days when service intervals get longer, consumers keep their cars longer (and not replacing them with new ones), and warranty work consume your time and slows you down—all of which implies that you need to find other ways to increase your profits. Auto accessories present the best opportunity to bring back a big chuck of these lost profits.

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