We live in the information age and data can be one of the most important assets we have. In real estate, customer information is the most important data. The best way to put this data to work for your office is with Real Estate CRM. It will increase conversions, keep clients engaged, and get the referrals needed to maximize your marketing budget.

A Better Sales Funnel
Real Estate CRM software is at the heart of any sales funnel. By integrating it through every step of the sales process, potential customers can be more easily converted to customers. A typical real estate sales funnel involves finding prospective customers through marketing efforts. Next, your focus turns to discovering their real estate needs and finding which properties will meet those needs. If the potential customers are not interested in properties on offer, then you will continue trying to find a property that does interest them. Some potential customers may take months or even years to turn into a conversion.

A real estate CRM system matches each step of the sales funnel process. Potential customers are entered into the real estate contact management software. The CRM software allows the different needs and desires of the customer to be entered along with their personal information. Any notes from conversations can also be added. After each property visit, feedback can also be entered into the system.

Keep Potential Customers Engaged
When a potential customer doesn’t find their ideal home right away, there is sometimes a tendency to lose track of them. With each new listing that comes available, you can look into your CRM to see if this property might work for a potential customer that you’ve worked with in the past. The system can also be set up to remind you to contact customers at regular intervals to see how you can put them in their dream home. With the extensive information collected on the customer, it’s easier to make a connection with them even after a break of weeks or even months. Every name in your real estate CRM software is a potential customer.

Get Referrals
Referrals from previous customers are one of the most valuable leads in the real estate industry. Real estate contact management software makes it easy to contact customers 3 months, 6 months, and even a year after the sale. It’s a great way to touch base with previous customers and collect referrals. The information in the CRM allows you to make the call personal and lets the customer know that you care.

By better managing your sales funnel, keeping potential customers engaged, and getting more referrals, you can optimize your real estate sales. Real Estate CRM is the tool that can make this happen.

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