With a population that is slightly larger than that of New York City, Canadian businesses are much more likely to understand how important it can be to have an international business mindset. Import and export opportunities are so much a part of the landscape in some Canadian cities that they eventually become second nature for business owners, allowing many executives the privilege of knowing customs brokers by their first name.

On the other hand, if you are just getting started, planning to grow through exports is one way that you can diversify and make your business stronger. Here are some popular ways that you can grow your business by exploiting international opportunity:

Focus on the opportunity:

Although there can be a rewarding feeling when you know everything about a process, it is almost always going to serve you better to outsource that process once you understand it. To that end, when it comes to exporting or importing, working with logistics and shipping experts like a customs broker is a good way to save time and money. For you, the value added to your clients probably has more to do with what you are shipping or which services you are providing. By freeing your time to perfect those things, you will come out ahead.

Leverage culture:

Canada is largely a country of immigrants. That history makes it a great place to work with cultures abroad that have representative populations in your own community. Ideally, you should know a lot about the countries that you do business with. At the same time, even if you do not, chances are it won’t be hard to work with cross-cultural consultants to get up to speed. In addition to language, consultants can ensure that you are aware of how to handle business transactions and etiquette, something that is important if you want to succeed.

One example is when you work with Japanese people. If you receive their business card, do you know what to do with it? To be polite and show them that you understand their culture, it is actually a good idea to receive it with both hands and take a careful look at it, ensuring that you can read the name and the job title and any other details that might be helpful. After several seconds of looking at it, you should probably make a related comment to the person you received the card from.

Of course there is much more that you need to be aware of, like what level of employee should you give your card to when you are visiting a company- or what type of manager you will receive a business card from.

The main thing is knowing that once you can do business as if you are someone from the countries that you want to do business with, whether that means understanding their culture or being able to work with experts like customs brokers, you should make much greater inroads- leading to more revenue and profitability.

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