Simple Credit Card Processing Solutions for Small Business

Simple Credit Card Processing Solutions for Small Business

Whether you conduct business online, from a vehicle or inside a physical store, you need to accommodate as many customers as possible. A growing number of people in Canada use their debit and credit cards on a regular basis. Some use it for almost all of their transactions, from their morning coffee to monthly mortgage payments. Since this trend shows no signs of abating, companies and self-employed workers that don’t accept plastic will inevitably miss out on sales.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Service

When it comes to credit card processing systems, there are quite a few options that all have unique benefits and drawbacks. Some services are better equipped to handle complaints or demands for refunds from customers, which can help if you have a high dispute rate. Some processors are specially designed to integrate into websites. This makes it easy to add online payment capabilities without handling the information yourself.

Each system has expenses associated with usage, including fees for each transaction as well as a percentage of the total amount. Some also have a reoccurring subscription fee. You should examine your sales records and other related data to find the ideal system for your business. If you make a few high-value sales, then a processing service with a low percentage fee may be the best choice.

Most systems come with clear instructions as well as the option to contact customer service with questions. If this is your first time using such a service, it’s a good idea to select a service provider that responds quickly and offers useful advice when needed. Always make sure that your selected service is PCI compliant and meets all of the necessary standards.

Integrating Card Processing Into Your Business

You may dread the prospect of installing and learning to use a new system, but many providers offer simple setup solutions with an intuitive interface. No matter what kind of product or service you sell, there is a credit card processing service to fit your daily routine. The durability and speed of physical terminals make them a great choice for brick-and-mortar establishments, while mobile businesses can use a virtual terminal on their mobile device for unfettered access.

Make sure you read all of the instructions and informational material provided by the processing service provider. Familiarize yourself or employees with it completely before putting it into use. Once everyone knows how to use the system properly, it will become a natural part of the transaction process. It’s also a good idea to keep the provider’s phone number close at hand in case you need immediate support during a transaction.